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Welcome to Machination!

This campaign is one of intrigue, excitement, and much more. It centers around the city-state of Carrock, a large city isolated from the world.

The world outside the walled city is rough and very dangerous, so ages ago the area inhabitants gathered together near a large rock at the edge of a sharp bend in the An-Duween River. As more and more individuals and families gathered together, the city-state was born. Families grew, markets developed, and the city walls were built.

Carrock is now a bustling city with a lot to offer in the form of entertainment, shopping, and religion. The majority of the citizens of the city are humans, but dwarves, elves, half-elves, halflings, and gnomes are common. There are even some stranger races present in the city. Raw materials and other goods are brought in by those brave enough to venture beyond the city walls into the surrounding wastelands, forests, and beyond.

Beyond the city walls are roving bands of bandits, vicious monsters, and ruins of past civilizations. Within the walls, there are often equally dangerous encounters.

Main Page

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